Must-Try Vegetarian Food Items of Dubai

A person with a zest for life and passion for travelling will know how important it is to locate good food that maintains trill in the journey. Because fun multiplies itself when the entire family/friends moving together are happy about what they are munching. And in a place like Dubai, where the excitement and adventure never ends, you can experience world-class décor, amazing views and unforgettably delicious food while dining. But some of us have this wrong perception about Dubai that it is popular only for Arabic food and it’s a burden to locate veg treat. Actually, Dubai is a home for more than 40% Indians, so the place is capable to offer some quality vegetarian food in an appealing environment even at a reasonable price.

Although it is better to plan your food choice in Hotel while booking, there is nothing to panic even you forget. Dubai will serve you with vegetarian outlets almost anywhere you hanging around. For people who believe Vegetarian food is boring, here are some food items that will banish all your myth:

Al Rawabi Milk – Al Rawabi Dairy is one of the leading producers of milk products supplying fresh and pure milk across the nation. The milk comes in a stylish bottle that is not only tasty but also retains all protein and nutrient without any preservatives. Whether you prefer low fat, skimmed or double cream milk, Al Rawabi will make you fall in love with milk again.

Almarai Milk – Almarai is the largest dairy company in the Gulf region and known for its premium quality products. Almarai milk has the widest range of milk products including Fresh Milk, Long life Milk, Milkshake, Flavored Milk, Labon (buttermilk), custards and more. You will feel refreshed and energized, especially children enjoys Almarai milk the most.

Bagels at Tim Hortons – Bagels may have been originated from Poland, but Dubai Bagels, especially from Tim Hortons, are just irresistible in true sense. Tim Hortons is located at Dubai Mall that accommodates Bagels in largest variety. Bagel with Herbs, Cream Cheese Bagels, Jalapeno Bagels and Pretzel Bagels are few from the menu that is worth trying.

French Vanilla at Tim Hortons – French Vanilla is a signature hot beverage from Tim Hortons made with incredible aroma and rich vanilla flavour. The creamy and velvety finish of French Vanilla will make you visit again to this wonderful place.

Quesadillas at Dubai Marina – Quesadillas, which is a Mexican dish often filled with cheese and vegetables are offered in many varieties of fillings in restaurants at Dubai Marina. It can be a tasty saviour for vegetarians after enjoying the soothing views of Dubai Marina.

Nachos at Cheese Cake Factory – If you are one among them who believe nachos are the world’s best food then visiting cheesecake factory is a must. Try Factory nachos made with crisp tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, jalapenos, green onions, sour cream, guacamole and salsa, which is not only lip-smacking appetizer but is also filling.

Cheese Cake at Cheese Cake FactoryCheesecake factory boast about 250 menu items prepared daily from scratch. Order a cheesecake of your choice and it will not disappoint you. Although the restaurant is jam-packed always, their service is quick with no compromise on taste. It is a loss if you visit Dubai mall and miss cheesecake factory indeed!

Pasta at Little Italy – Little Italy located in Al Karama, Dubai is very good at offering vegetarian food items. Pasta (especially pasta with pink sauce) of Little Italy taste amazing that are cooked and served with perfections. It’s a cosy place and ambience is good to enjoy a heavenly tasty meal.

South Indian at Sarvana Bhavan – Nothing can treat you better than South Indian food if you are from India. Sarvana Bhavan gives a homely feel and treats you with all south Indian dishes you can imagine right from thalli to idly, dosa, medu vada and filter coffee.

Pizza at Papa John’s – Unlike Mc Donald’s in Dubai that offers only one vegetarian item in the entire menu, Papa John’s does a better job. If you are a veg pizza fan then visit Papa John’s You can find vegetarian restaurant almost all across Dubai to satisfy your veg carving needs. So travel and explore this land of beaches with no worries of hunting for pure vegetarian food!


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